What's NEW in Luxie: Precision Line!

Recently, we’ve combined precision and innovation together. So, we would like to introduce to you our new line of brushes, which is the Rose Gold Precision Pro Series. The precision line includes brushes #680, #640, #650, #660, and #239. Brushes without precision are out! We are very excited to show you guys the uniquely designed brushes. All five of the brushes allow for precise application and allows you to reach for hard areas. The newly designed brushes in the precision line do this job comfortably and flawlessly with control. precision1   precision2 Most of us apply moisturizers with our hands. We squeeze a generous amount onto our hands and massage it onto our faces. You’re doing it right! Moisturizers are the essentials because, before applying makeup, we need to prep our skins for a natural and glowy finish. Who doesn’t like that? Now, we made your job a tad bit easier with our brush #680 that allows you to apply liquid or cream moisturizers and foundation. The curvy, slanted, and dense bristles give you more precision and control. This will allow you to get into small areas of your face. precision3 Love to bake? No, not cookies. Become a pro at baking with brush #640 Pro Precision Tapered Brush. This brush will work well with powder. Our new design allows you to grab onto powder easily and swipe away onto your face effortlessly. Using this brush for powder highlight is ideal because of the long and narrow shape of the brush. This will also allow you highlight your under eye area, giving you a less sleepy look, and brighten your under eye area. This one is definitely a fave from all of us at Luxie. You will never turn to another brush to bake or highlight again! precision4 When we are sculpting or contouring, we have to keep precision in mind. If we don’t contour with precision in mind, our contouring job will be a flop. Instead, slay with brush #650. This is an angled contour brush that will give you great definition. Density is also key when you contour. Contouring can be a challenge for first timers, but you can feel confident with this brush. This brush get all jobs done. Brush #650 will give you precision, control, and definition. This brush can be used for cream and powder products. Leave your harsh lines behind and pick up brush #650, loves! precision5 Overslept and got no time to apply makeup? Thinking about just throwing on some concealer, foundation, lipstick, and mascara quickly, and rush out the door? Use brush #660 to apply your foundation quickly. This precision foundation brush is perfect for applying liquid foundation efficiently and smoothly. You’ll slay the game, queen! People will think that you spent a lot much time on your makeup that morning. precision6 Girl, give your eyes a pop and a dreamy look! Our precision shader #239 is created for control when applying color to your lids. Because this brush allows full control, you have the option to go for a natural and neutral look or opt for a bolder look. With this brush, you won’t waste any of your holy-grail products. The flatness and the wide tip of the brush will easily cover your lids with pigments. This brush picks up cream or powder eye shadows and you’ll receive great pigmentation. precision7 So there you have it! We hope you enjoy our Precision Line as much as we do! Luxie Beauty is here to Drive Beauty to you so you can enjoy! Thank you for checking out our blog posts. Be sure to be on the lookout for the next post! Find us on social media at @luxiebeauty and stay up to date! precision8   precision9 Learn more or shop at our website here: www.luxiebeauty.com Love,

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