Luxie’s Philosophy

Why synthetic brushes?

At Luxie, we emphasize quality. Therefore, we go vegan and cruelty-free. Why? The answer is simple; we care about animals and quality. We believe that our customers deserve the best quality brushes. Got sensitive skin? Have a wedding to attend? Graduating in a few weeks or heading out on a Friday night with friends? Our products are hypoallergenic so you can be worry-free when you use our applicators to apply your makeup if you have any special occasions to attend. Luxie believes that you can have the BEST makeup products in the world in your hands, but without the proper and high quality tools and applicators, makeup products can be useless. With this ideology in mind, we push for crafting the best synthetic brushes rather than natural brushes that are made from animals. precison 4 precision 2 So what? Is there a difference between natural versus synthetic brushes? YES, DEFINETELY. Natural brushes are made with animal hair, such as goat, horse, and squirrel hairs. Natural brushes contain cuticles, which pick-ups powder products the best, such as eye shadows and setting powder. Cuticles help lift and absorb powdery pigments. In contrast, synthetic brushes are made out of man-made materials, such as nylon, taklon, or polyester fibers. Because of the hairs’ precise properties, our brushes are ideal applicators for applying liquid (Brush #508), cream, or gel product without creating streaks. Synthetic brushes also work well with powder. Brush #502 is a powder brush and it picks up your setting powder easily so you don’t get oily and set your makeup flawlessly. Add a pop of color to your apples of your cheeks. Use blush brush #514 to pick up your blush powder. Further, our synthetic brushes are more practical compared to natural hairs. Our brushes do not soak up too much makeup products, which won’t hurt your wallet! Because our brushes do not soak up a lot of products, clean up will be a breeze. That way, you can save more time on the important stuff, like creating that perfect winged eyeliner or styling your hair. precision 3 precision 1 Speaking of cleaning your brushes, we get it, life can get in the way and you might opt for water and soap and soak them in. That’s not enough! Try to avoid soap and water at all costs because it does not remove all the excess residue and germs from your brushes. They will turn out rough and dry. Instead, turn to BEAUTYBLENDER – solid or liquid cleaner. The cleansers have a subtle, fresh, lavender scent. precision 5 precision 6

Best way to clean your synthetic brushes:

  1. Wet brush with warm water
  2. Rub brush all over the soap or liquid cleaner
  3. Lather and repeat if necessary.
  4. Gently rinse your brushes to remove excess water and soap
  5. Set your brushes aside to dry – be patient! (*Allow them to dry and make sure the hairs aren’t shifted to maintain its natural shape)
We know! Some makeup products are stubborn and you might opt for soaking your brushes. That’s a no-no because it may loosen the adhesive and the bristles will begin to shed. Keeping this in mind will make sure to increase the lifespan of your brushes. Taking shortcuts – it can affect your brushes and interfere with your delicate skin. And there you have it! This is Luxie's Philosophy, cruelty-free, vegan, and quality. We are focused on Driving Beauty to you so you don't have to! Stay tune for our next blog post. Don't forget to follow us on all our social media platforms -> @luxiebeauty :) Please share our post and subscribe to us on here for our next review and How To posts! Thank you for reading! Shop at our website: Love, Luxie

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