Luxie Skinsential Skincare Set


Take your skincare routine to the next level with this six-piece Skinsential Skincare Set. Spread, smooth, and evenly apply gels, creams, serums, and more with these skincare brushes that absorb little to no product, letting nothing go to waste. Easily apply a perfectly measured amount of product with these skincare brushes for consistent results. Keep your skincare products and face clean by using these applicators in your routine. Soft bristles are created for even those with the most sensitive skin to reduce pulling, tugging, and irritation. The Skinsential Set will make your skin feel rejuvenated and clean for an even easier makeup application.

LUXIE 801 Gel Mask Brush: Flat and rounded brush can be used to apply gel masks onto the skin for an even consistency application. 

LUXIE 802 Clay Mask Brush: Square shaped and slim brush can be used to apply and mix clay masks onto the skin. 

LUXIE 803 Moisturizer Brush: Silky and round brush can be used to apply moisturizing and hydrating products into the skin for a more hygienic application. 

LUXIE 804 Serum Brush: Thick and round brush can be used to apply serums and oils into the skin without absorbing any of the product into the bristles.

LUXIE 805 Eye Cream Brush: Petite and flat brush can be used to apply skincare products onto smaller and sensitive areas of the skin. 

LUXIE 806 Large Body Brush: Large silicone jelly brush can be used to evenly distribute any product onto the skin without wasting any of the product.

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