Makeup Look Under 5 Mins

thumb August is here which means school is near for most of you. Getting up in the mornings can be a challenge in the beginning since some people may be used to their summer routine, and as finals and midterms start piling up on you, the struggle to get up is even harder! Let’s take a glance how your morning routine may look like: 1) Wake up & brush teeth
2) Get dressed
3) Eat breakfast
Seems simple? Not really. Some people often check their phones (e-mails, texts, etc.), make breakfast, pack/prepare lunch, workout, finish up some homework assignments, get a last minute study session, run errands (dropping off sibling to schools, etc.) With an already packed morning, how do we manage to squeeze in some time for ourselves, such as applying makeup? Don’t stress, we’ve created a step-by step guide for students or busy moms to create a look that will look like you’ve spent hours doing your makeup! Luxie Brushes we suggest to incorporate into this fast makeup routine so you complete your look effectively and, most importantly, efficiently! #211: Use this flat brush to apply and blend your concealer under the eye area or any noticeable blemishes – acne, dark spots, and scars. Need to color correct? This brush does the job done too! Yay for versatility! (Shop: #504: This angled brush is a two in one! People often use this brush to contour, such as applying bronzer, but this brush works well with blush too! (Saves you some time in the morning so you don’t have to go on a hunt for another brush!) Yay for practicality! (Shop: #201: This brow or lash spoolie is a must before you apply brow products. Combing through the hairs will define your brows and prevent any clumping of the brow products as you apply them. Yay for on fleek brows! (Shop: 5 Min Look copy.png There you go! With the help of Luxie’s versatile brushes you can complete your makeup look in less than 5 minutes! The next time you find yourself short on time just check back on our easy guide! 9a777ec76e240859e69d13a2ec387f2f Love,

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