Luxie Rose Gold Synthetic 5 Piece Kabuki Brush Set

A makeup enthusiast or artist is only as good as her tools. It goes without saying that great makeup application highly depends on the makeup brushes being used. Sure, you may apply makeup using sponges, cotton balls and even your fingers but you know the mess it can make! Having a set of reliable, multi-tasking makeup brushes like our Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Synthetic 5 Piece Kabuki Brush Set is all you need take your makeup skills up to another level. kabuki1 This set features 5 unique vegan kabuki brush heads made up of soft and fine synthetic bristles, allowing versatile makeup application that will make getting dolled up a lot easier than ever before! Let's get into what they're all used for: The slightly domed shape of our of Luxie Rose Gold Round Top Blender Makeup Brush 532 is your best bet if you're leaning towards applying liquid and cream foundation products with seamless and flawless finish. Its compact and dense brush head is crafted to distribute the right amount of product all over your face giving you absolute control in customizing coverage according to your preference. The moderately rounded corners of this brush will also help you reach the small crevices around your nose and eyes making it a perfect concealer brush. kabuki2 If you are looking to effortlessly apply powder to set your foundation without dragging or pulling, you can count on our Luxie Rose Gold Flat Angled Blender Makeup Brush 538. It has densely packed, soft bristles that simplifies pressing of powder on the skin to lock your foundation into place for hours on end. Its angled cut brush head allows easy spreading of runny and watery foundation from your face down your neck without looking streaky or heavy. kabuki3 The extremely multifunctional Luxie Rose Gold Flat Top Kabuki Makeup Brush 530 offers picture-perfect finish to powder, cream and liquid foundation products. Use this brush in stroking, buffing motion with your choice of foundation formula to achieve medium to high coverage. The flat cut and non-tapered tip of this kabuki brush is also ideal for evenly applying makeup primers on your T-zone and other areas of the face. It is also an ideal brush to use to evenly distribute moisturizers, face masks, self-tanners and facial oils, among others, on your skin. kabuki4 If you want to take your contouring game to change forever, the Luxie Rose Gold Pointed Top Kabuki Makeup Brush 536 will strategically apply your favorite sculpting and contouring products on the hollows of the cheeks, temples and jawlines. Also, the compact and dense pointed tip of this brush delicately applies sheer layer of translucent powder under the eyes to make your concealer budge-proof. kabuki5 No makeup is complete without a blush and a bronzer to add depth and dimension to your face. Our Luxie Rose Gold Angled Top Buffer Makeup Brush 534 has an angled brush head that offers proper placement of powder, cream or liquid blushes and bronzers on the contours of your face to create the illusion of perfect symmetry. This brush is also very easy to use when lightly applying highlighter to the top of the cheekbones. kabuki7 So there you have it! Our Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Synthetic 5 Piece Kabuki Brush Set has all the essentials that will help you create any look to your hearts’ content. Which of these kabuki brushes do you think you will use on a regular basis? Comment below. Thank you again for reading our blog, Luxie Beauty is always eager to Drive Beauty to our customers because we care about you!

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"Love this brush set! Great find for the face! Extremely soft!"