How To: Perfect Winged Liner

Remember when Red Bull promised to “give you wings”? Well in the beauty world, wings on eye makeup are just as easy to achieve, if not more. You don’t have to be a make up artist to know how to apply makeup. Read below to find out how to apply eyeliner for that perfect winged eyeliner look: The best eyeliner for the winged eyeliner look is a gel liner or liquid eyeliner. Gel liners of every color are great for beginners and pairs perfectly with our Luxie small angled eye brush: Luxie Rose Gold Small Angle Eye
Brush 215
If your eye makeup has lots of glitter, the best liquid eyeliner we recommend is one with a fine, felt tip such as this Kat Von Deye liner. Apply tape to the eye corner to guide a precise line. With the tip of your makeup brush or liquid eyeliner pen, swipe a single line connecting the corner of your eyes to the ends of your eyebrows. Create the outline of your desired wing, then fill in completely. Steal makeup tips from @glam_n_glitz in this Instagram clip of her applying Benefit's gel liners with our Luxie 215 brush: So now you officially know how to do winged eyeliner 💜 Strut your wings like an angel and never look down!

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