5 Best Foundation Brushes

While some are #blessed with flawless skin, many of us enjoy putting on a solid foundation, tinted moisturizer, bb cream or cc cream to even out our complexion. With so many products on the market, sometimes we just need a run-down of which makeup brushes will achieve the finish we want. Whether it be sheer, natural, dewy, radiant, matte or anything in between, read on to find our best foundation brushes for you and your favorite foundation products: 1. Foundation Brush: Ideal for cream and liquid products, this foundation brush provides buildable coverage. Apply your foundation or cream in a downwards motion to maximize seamless blending. Luxie Rose Gold Foundation Face
Makeup Brush 510
2. Pointed Kabuki Brush: Also great for cream and liquid products, the pointed top makes it suitable for cream contour and highlight, and getting in those hard to reach areas. Luxie Rose Gold Pointed Top Kabuki
Face Brush 536

3. Duo Fibre Stippling Brush: For an airbrush makeup effect, a duo fibre stippling brush is necessary. Shorter fibres maintain the density while the longer fibres allow for flawless blending.

Luxie Rose Gold Duo Fibre
Stippling Face Brush 508
4. Round Top Blender:Perfect for applying moisturizers and primers or setting and mineral powders. Less is more with this makeup brush. Luxie Rose Gold Round Top Blender
Face Brush 532
5. Beauty Blender: The original beauty blender is perfect for achieving light, natural coverage. Beautyblender Original Use the right tools and feel #confident in laying a strong foundation for your makeup look.

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