How To: Find Your Perfect Concealer Color

One of the first lessons in any makeup artistry class is color. So today, let's talk about how we can play with colors to perfect your skin and brighten your complexion. The basic idea is that opposite colors cancel out. So pull out your color wheel ladies, we’re going to have an amazing ride:
Color Wheel

What is the right concealer color for me?

  1. Pink: Brightens up pale or dull skin. For those blessed with pale complexions, use a pink toned concealer to add rosiness and liveliness to your skin.
  2. Yellow: Probably the most versatile concealer color, yellow concealers cancel purple tons and neutralizes mild to moderate redness. Bye bye, dark circles or scars.
  3. Green: Like extreme sports, green concealers cancel out extreme redness, whether that be from rosacea, blemishes, etc.
  4. Lavender: Opposite of yellow/green on the color well, lilac concealers neutralize sallowness or warm undertones. Great for letting true eyeshadow colors shine through.
  5. Orange/Salmon: Apricot or peach concealers combat darkness on deep skin tones. Think blues, deep purples, or grey tones found in under eye circles, veins, post-blemish marks, shadows, or bruises. Pure orange is great for deep African American skin tones.

What products should I try?

  1. NYX Color Correcting Palette: Armed with 4 color correcting shades and 2 skin toned shades, you’ll be sure to find your match.
  2. Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream Palettes: These five different palette options are curated to match your skin tone needs.
  3. Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Palette, in Light and Dark: A Luxie girl fav, this palette offers high definition coverage and color correction for a satin finish.
  4. Bobbi Brown Correctors: With 16 different shades, Bobbi Brown offers pink- and peach-based color correctors to match everything from light to dark tones
  5. Ben Nye Total Cover-All Wheels: 3 different wheel options to neutralize redness, cover blemishes and combat discoloration.

How do I apply it?

Step 1: Apply the color corrector.

Step 2: Apply your normal concealer.

Step 3: Finish off with powder.

  • Under-eyes: Less is more! Especially since you’ll already be adding concealer and foundation. Also, eye cream is a MUST! Not only do you protect your skin, it will keep it hydrated and smooth, which is necessary when using concealers with thick consistencies.
  • Dark circles: Depending on your skin tone, your under eye circles may have blue or purple undertones. Figure out your color by looking at the veins in your wrist. Then use the color wheel to cancel it out!

What are the new makeup tricks?

  • Red/Orange Lipstick: Word on the street is that you can use your red or orange lipstick as a color corrector to brighten up and enliven the skin! Like your pink or salmon-colored color correctors, you can dab a small amount of lipstick before applying your concealer.
    • Pro Tip: Use a lipstick with the same vibrancy as your skin (aka don’t use a super bright red if you have dull skin)!
As you can see, certain colors neutralize or combat various undertones. Color correction might sound complicated, but in reality it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
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