EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Bay Area MUA, Jasmine Ramirez (@infinitelymakeup)

We recently sat down with Bay Area professional makeup artist, @infinitelymakeup, Jasmine Ramirez and chatted about her top tips on how to maximize the full potential of her favorite Luxie makeup brushes!

Which brush(es) did she rave about?

Jasmine has been really loving brush #504 – Large Angled Face Brush, #205 – Tapered Blending Eye Brush, and #207 – Medium Angled Shading Eye Brush.

What’s her technique?

Jasmine uses the #504 brush to contour and sculpt her face. Precision and control are significant for Jasmine. She claims that due to her round face, she does not contour her forehead except the hallow of her cheeks, neck, and jawline. Therefore, the #504 brush really does get the job done effectively. What Jasmine loves about the #205 brush is its fluffiness. It is soft, yet dense which she loves to blend her powder eye shadows. She implied that the #205 brush is practically a two in one brush because, besides blending, the #205 brush can be used to pack on color. 1 In terms of brush #207, Jasmine uses this brush to contour and sculpt her nose. Due to its angle and density, Jasmine successfully contoured the tip and bridge of her nose swiftly. The outcome of her nose after using this was very natural and subtle, but still emphasized her nose shape. lu2

Her insider tips:

Jasmine suggests using the #504 brush to sculpt or contour your face because it does not leave your contour job looking patchy! lu3 Follow Jasmine on Instagram and learn more about how she uses our Luxie makeup brushes in her FOTDs and pro makeup works.

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