Summer Makeup Do's and Don'ts

The surroundings are finally beginning to heat up which means you also have to update your current makeup routine to something that is just as hot! As the temperature rises, you should choose the right products and utilize the proper application methods that will enhance the longevity of makeup on your skin. Who wants raccoon eyes or obvious foundation separation on the cheeks before lunchtime anyway? FullSizeRender 2 We figured you wouldn't want your makeup melting into your margaritas and mojitos that's why Luxie Beauty is here to give you the do's and don'ts of melt proof makeup this summertime. The Do's

A Fresh Start

Whoever said that you shouldn't wear moisturizers during summer because it will make you look greasy is wrong. The heat of the sun can make your skin dry and dull and the best way to combat these unpleasant effects of summer on the skin is by applying moisturizers. The truth is, most foundations have medium to high oil content so using oil-based moisturizers will make your base fade quickly or slide off of your face in just a couple of hours. We recommend using light water-based formulas. Your skin will soak them up instantly and you won't feel like you're wearing anything at all. You can use our Luxie Onyx Noir Foundation Face Brush 510 to apply moisturizer all over the face and on hard-to-reach areas.

It's Prime Time

One of the most skipped step in makeup application is priming. This is something that you should do any season but most specially during summer to ensure that your makeup holds up in humidity and won't dribble down your chin. Makeup primers acts like an adhesive that makes foundation cling better on the skin. When the heat is on, use primers with oil-free and mattifying formula to keep your visage shine-free. Use our Luxie Onyx Noir Duo Fibre Stippling Face Brush 508 to evenly distribute your primer of choice where you need it.

Sheer Delight

Let your skin breathe this summer using lightweight bases. Sheer foundations and moisturizing skin tints will keep parched skin hydrated, dewy and in tip top shape. It is also best to choose a base that already contains SPF to filter both UVA and UVB rays. To ensure the most flawless finish, apply these lightweight bases using our Luxie Rose Gold Flat Top Kabuki Face Brush 530. With a dense, flat top head, this brush is perfect for quickly blending liquid makeup all over the face without streaking.

Don't be afraid of the colors

As the sun shines, so does your summer makeup! Bright hues is the ultimate beauty trend of the hottest season of the year. Give your neutral eyeshadow palettes a rest and give way to lively and invigorating shades. It's the perfect time to experiment on vibrant tropical colors such as coral, blue, pinks, yellow, green, violet and more. For richer colour payoff, apply your eyeshadows with our best-selling eye makeup brushes such as the Luxie Onyx Noir Blending Eye Brush 227, Eye Shading Eye Brush 213 and Large Fluff Eye Brush 233. The Don'ts


According to popular belief, powder foundations is the best base for summer. Sure, your holygrail powder foundation will mattify your skin and will give you a picture perfect flawless finish but that will unfortunately end the moment you walk out that door! Powder products and perspiration don't mesh well, if you know what we mean. The combination of these two will leave your complexion cakey and blotchy and will emphasize your wrinkles and finelines. Dewy and demi-matte foundations are all the rage this season and should any trace of oil surface, you can simply tone down the shine by using blotting papers instead.

Stay Away From The Dark Side

Avoid wearing dark smokey eyes, plummy blushes or vampy lipstick shades during the summer season because these dark colours will look very harsh under the warm sunlight. Also, they will look very obvious in case you they smear or smudge while you're out and about.

Sunscreen all the way

We cant emphasize how important it is to wear sunscreen during the scorching heat of the summer (and all year round). Sun protection products now come in spray, cream and lotion formulas that will make it easy to apply all over the face, neck, arms and the entire body. protecting your skin from the sun will help you avoid pre-mature aging of the skin and of course, melanoma.


Bronzers? Oh we love them! It's the best way to warm up your complexion without baking and inviting sun damage. We have to admit that sometimes, we love applying bronzer way too much that we risk looking like an Oompa-Loompa in the process! To achieve a natural sun-kissed glow without overdoing it, apply your favorite bronzer with our Luxie Onyx Noir Large Angled Face Brush 504. IMG_9595 Do you have any beauty do’s and don’ts to share to the Luxie Beauty community? We’d love to hear from you! Comment below.

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