Color Correctors for Every Skin Issue and Skin Tone

The summer season is just around the corner and as beauty lovers, you know what that means. With a new season comes a batch of new makeup trends from the runway to start experimenting with. But before you pick up the latest contouring palette foundation or ultra matte lippies from your favorite beauty counters, let's have a makeup refresher and slay the basics. Summer 2016 is all about creating natural looking, pixel-perfect complexion that's worthy of the red carpet. What better way to achieve a flawless base than to master the art of color correcting? Without a doubt, color correcting is one of the most popular beauty trends of 2016 and it has been going strong for quite some time now for a good reason: by applying unconventional concealer colors in what seems to be random patches all over your face, you can create radiance, neutralize dullness, conceal pigmentation, and enhance your features in all the right places. Color correctors come in a variety of hues that can be intimidating at first. You'll see shades of red, green, and even lavender! For starters, it's kind of impossible to picture how these colors will provide you with an even canvas to anchor your makeup with. Keep reading to understand the basics of color-correcting. Green - Use a green corrector to counteract flush on all skin tones. They work wonders in cancelling out redness from acne, rosacea, sunburn, broken capillaries, and more. Pink - Brighten up dull light skin with pink correctors. It's the perfect shade that will help you fake a night of sleeplessness the next day. If your skin appears to be ashy and dehydrated, then pink correctors will breathe life back into your skin when applied like a primer. Yellow - If you have light to medium skin and have dark (blue-purple) undereye circles, then a yellow corrector would be your lifesaver. Touted as the most versatile color corrector, yellow can also conceal mild redness for all skin tones. Lavender - Let lilac and purple join this category as well since they come from the same vein. Lavender color correctors eliminates unpleasant yellow undertones in fair skin. It can also be mixed with liquid foundation to add radiance to your complexion. Apricot - If you have medium to dark skin with unwanted brown spots, freckles, and hyperpigmentation as your main concerns, an apricot corrector will do a perfect job of concealing them. They can also combat blueness from bruises. Red - Camouflaging deep blue and green discolorations around the under eye area of tan to deep bronze skin is easy with red correctors. Red also evens out dark patches on the skin while imparting luminosity at the same time.

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Best Makeup Brushes for Applying Color Correctors

To make the most out of your color correctors, it is imperative that you have the essential tools to apply them on all the right places. We recommended you try using our Luxie Beauty makeup brushes for color correcting. They will make a world of a difference when it comes to perfecting your color correcting skills and techniques. LUXIE ONYX NOIR LARGE FLUFF EYE BRUSH 233 - If you have irregular colored skin in the inner and outer corner of your eyes, you can use this large eye brush to dab some lavender or yellow color correctors in those hard-to-reach areas. It has fluffy molded head that provides soft color application. LUXIE ROSE GOLD ANGLED CONTOUR FACE BRUSH 588 - If you need to camouflage redness on your T-Zone and cheeks using a liquid or cream green color correctors, this brush will get the job done. Its soft, slanted, and the dense head mimics the angles of cheekbones and forehead for effortless product placement. LUXIE ONYX NOIR MEDIUM ANGLED SHADING EYE BRUSH 207 - To conceal noticeable unevenness and discolorations along the frown lines and sides of the nose, apply apricot colored correctors. The soft, angled tip of this brush will provide full coverage at those hard to reach the crevices. LUXIE ROSE GOLD LARGE CONCEALER BRUSH 526 - Larger than your average concealer brush, the Luxie 526 applies red color correctors under the eye area. It’s soft and the semi-firm bristles will allow you to apply the product from the inner corner of the eyes up to the opposite corner of the outer lash lines.

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