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Luxie Onyx Noir Brush Set

Would you like to know the secret to saving time? We could cut your makeup time in half! The holidays are made exclusively for us to spend time with our loved ones. For your loved ones to get our undivided attention is imperative. We are busy, and time is precious. So, Luxie decided to make this holiday season a bit easier on you guys. Whether you’re heading to a family gathering from work or heading for a night out from school, we’ll help you dress up any look for the right occasion using the Luxie Onyx Noir Brush Set. Here’s a brief overview of its features:
  • Completely cruelty free + vegan
  • Set ranges from face to eye brushes
  • Travel friendly
  • Versatile – great for powder, cream, & liquid
  • Innovative angles expertly designed to get into all crevices
  • Each brush is hand-mounted on a matte black handle
The Luxie Onyx Noir Brush Set is a high-performance brush set made exclusively for sculpting, concealing, blending, highlighting, priming, and much more. The density of the brushes will deliver the outstanding results you are looking for. Packed and secured in a high quality faux leather - elegant and sophisticated. Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 9.51.20 AM.png


See the brush set in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2wGvFNX4y0&t=171s Learn more and shop here: https://www.luxiebeauty.com/luxie-onyx-noir-30-piece-brush-book-set/ Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 9.51.03 AM.png

Look 1: Daytime

To help you look your absolute best every day, show some love to your skin. Make sure you prime or apply moisturizers to ensure longevity. For this look, we’ll be focusing on converge and accentuating. We’ll conceal, color correct, apply foundation, highlight, and set our faces. Moving onto the eyes, we’re keeping it simple. So, we will apply a bone colored shadow onto the lid. To brighten our eyes a bit, we‘ll add a silver shadow into the inner tear duct. Finally, we’ll top it off with a light pink gloss. Brushes used: #510, #550, #211, #233, #520, #504, #207, #522, #209, #205, #217

Look 2: Work Appropriate

Make sure you’re confident and yourself at the workplace! For this look, we’ll focus on the eye by deepening the crease to dramatize the look. Use a brown shadow to deepen the crease. Then, with a black shadow, smoke out the lash line. Finally, throw on some lashes! Brushes used: #205, #221

Look 3: Nighttime Glam

This look is all about DRAMA! We’ll be applying gold glitter onto the eyelids. It is an easy way to glam up the look. Go back and smoke out the bottom lash line again. Finally, deepen the contour and highlight. Finish off with a dusty rose lip color, and you’re ready for the night! Brushes used: #229, #227, #221, #504, #522 And there you have it! In just a fraction of the time, you’ve created 3 NEW looks by simply adding steps to dramatize or accentuate each look!

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"Love this brush set! Great find for the face! Extremely soft!"