Luxie 182: The Best Brush for Nose Contouring

Are you afraid of going under the knife but keen on having those little lumps and bumps on your nose corrected? A trending makeup technique is helping thousands of people make their noses appear slimmer and more defined at the tip without surgery. Say hello to nose contouring! Not gonna lie -- enhancing the nose can be a little tricky. It’s important that you’re using the right tools, products, and approach to get it right, because if it goes a little bit wrong, it goes very wrong! If you use the wrong color or if you didn't outline and blend the product well,  you could end up looking muddy and clownish which is the opposite of what you’re actually going for. Thanks to Jadey Wadey, the queen of nose contouring, she created a special brush that will help you get a sculpted nose with a natural, real-life finish to balance all your facial features. Check out the latest brush joining our permanent range: the brush 182!

What is it?
Originally part of the best-selling JadeyWadey 180 Glam Sculpting Duo Limited Edition Brush Set, the Brush 182, aka “The Nose Perfector” is a dual-ended synthetic brush designed to make nose contouring as easy as pie. The flat, angled side of the brush draws precise lines along the bridge, sides and tip of the nose while the tapered, rounded side blends and softens harsh lines.

Best Nose Contouring Tips

1. Bronzing versus Contouring Products:

Many people contour their face with their bronzers. There are several reasons why we don’t recommend using bronzers to contour because ultimately, these products are meant to warm up the skin. They are usually golden, shimmery or reddish and do not replicate the look of an actual shadow. We recommend finding a product that has tones of taupe or grey because these colors create an illusion of real shadow. Check out our blog post, Comprehensive Guide to Contouring, and find out the best contouring products we have tried so far!

2. Contour All The Way:

Don’t be afraid to contour your nose all the way because you can always blend it to diffuse any harsh lines later - this is how you will get a serious slimming effect. Using the flat, angled side of the Brush 182, draw a thin line from the brow to the inner corner of the eye, all the way down to the tip of the nose. If the tip of your nose is wide, draw a “down-facing arrow” to make it look narrow. Also, draw a vertical stripe outlining the bridge of the nose using a concealer or a matte highlighter.

3. The Beauty of Blurring:

The key to making your nose contour as natural as possible is through proper blending to blur out any harsh lines. Use the tapered, rounded side of the Brush 182 to ensure that there’s no demarcation. The soft and fluffy brush head will feather out your highlighter and contour product into a precise, airbrushed finish until you can’t see sharp “lines” anymore, just subtle shadows.

4. Set and Go:

Once everything is smoothly blended, apply some translucent powder or spritz on a makeup setting spray to set your nose contour to make it look fiercely on point for hours on end.

untitled_design__76233-1451326369-1280-1280 1 Contouring the nose is the best way to make your nose appear slimmer minus the nose job. Follow these contouring tips yourself once you get the Brush 182, which is now available for purchase today, and let us know in the comment section below about the results.

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