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Luxie Onyx Noir 30 Piece Brush Book Set

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  • Luxie pushes limits to the edge with our newest addition to our brush family...

    The Luxie ONYX NOIR brush book is a 30 piece makeup brush set that evokes your alter ego. Featuring a classic black quilited cover with a refined black lining, the book is an essential addition to any professional makeup artist's kit. The perfect size for at home or travel, the book features a full zipper closure to keep each brushes secure and sanitary. Inside, you will find vegan makeup brushes crafted with animal cruelty-free synthetic bristles. Each brush is hand-mounted on a matte black handle and distressed copper ferrule. 

    This set includes Luxie's bestselling brushes, along with new and redesigned options!

    PRO TIP:  All luxie brushes are multi-functional and are great for all powder, cream, and liquid makeup products.  

    Get creative. Push your limits. Release your alter ego.


    Set Includes:


    Brush 502 Large Powder

    Brush 504 Large Angled

    Brush 508 Duo Fibre Stippling

    Brush 510 Foundation

    Brush 512 Small Contouring

    Brush 514 Blush

    Brush 518 Large Powder

    Brush 520 Tapered Face

    Brush 522 Tapered Highlighter

    Brush 528 Concealer

    Brush 542 Flat Contour

    Brush 550 Short Duo Fiber

    Brush 560 Medium Fan

    Brush 580 Pro Precision Powder


    Brush 201 Brow and Lash Spoolie

    Brush 205 Tapered Blending

    Brush 207 Medium Angled Shading

    Brush 209 Large Shader

    Brush 211 Small Concealer

    Brush 213 Eye Shading

    Brush 215 Small Angle

    Brush 217 Pencil

    Brush 219 Eye Liner

    Brush 221 Flat Definer

    Brush 223 Short Shader

    Brush 227 Blending

    Brush 229 Tapered Blending

    Brush 231 Small Tapered Blending

    Brush 233 Large Fluff


    Brush 160 Lip


  • How to use


    - 100% Cruelty-free

    - 100% Vegan

    - 100% Paraben-free

    - Coated with antibacterial solution

    - Made in the USA