Luxie Florals Brush Set

$16.00 $40.00

Soar into spring with our new Luxie Florals brush set. Featuring four new brushes, a sponge, and a pouch, which include the 219 eyeliner brush, 205 Tapered Blending brush, 213 Eye shading brush, 211 Concealer Brush, a detailed blender Sponge, and a pastel purple pouch.

219 Eyeliner: Made to create precise eyeliner looks because of its stability and control, use this brush to apply gel or cream eyeliner for a sleek application. 

205 Tapered Blending: Fluffy and tapered, this brush is great for transitioning powder eyeshadows from one color to another. Use this brush to blend in your eyeshadow for smooth blending.

213 Eye Shading: Use this brush to apply and pack on your favorite various eyeshadow products. 

211 Concealer: Use this brush to apply your favorite concealer products under your eyes or to conceal any problem areas. Can also be used to sharpen around the lips and eyebrows. 

Detailed Blender Sponge: Apply your liquid products with our Detailed Blender Sponge. Wet sponge completely then squeeze to remove excess water. This will ensure your application will have no linesof demarcation.

Pastel Purple Pouch: Great for travel or on the go. This perfect pastel pouch can be used to carry around your favorite LUXIE Beauty brushes around town.

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