The Luxie Dreamcatcher 15 Piece Makeup Brush Set

FullSizeRender 2 (2) Here at Luxie, our ongoing quest to innovate beauty products permeates every aspect of our beloved business. With all the comments and suggestions you leave across our social media channels, we are constantly challenged to improve and build on what we currently have to serve you better. Our latest venture into beauty innovation has resulted to the creation of our latest brush set collection called the "Dreamcatcher." FullSizeRender (1) The Luxie Dreamcatcher 15 Piece Makeup Brush Set has every single makeup tool you could possibly need to enhance your natural beauty. Born from the idea that no brush should be specific to one purpose or use, this set of luxurious periwinkle colored brushes were designed to be used in more ways than one (literally!). Here's a breakdown of what to expect from this makeup brush set. Tapered Face Brush 520 - This multifaceted large brush has soft, plush bristles with a full rounded tip that is perfect for evenly distributing pressed and loose complexion powders. It effectively fans out powder flawlessly all over the face or body providing sheer to full coverage with minimal number of strokes. It is also particularly good for applying bronzers, blushers and even lightweight tinted moisturizers. Foundation Brush 510 – For even and streakless application of cream and liquid foundation, you can count on the firm bristles of this brush. It has a narrow round-tip which creates softness along fine lines and blemished areas when applying concealers and correctors. You can also use this brush to strategically trace and place cream contour products to various of areas your face for easy blending afterwards. Angled Large Brush 504 - Chisel and brighten your face's best features with this fluffy angled face brush. This brush features a unique slanted cut which glides along the contour of your face. Its silky, round edges allows soft, diffused color payoff of bronzers, blushers, illuminators, highlighters and other sculpting products. Large Powder Brush 502 - This full-bodied and generously dense brush works wonders in delicately dusting loose or pressed powder all over the face or body. Its fluffy and plush large brush head allows the sheerest and smoothest powder application ensuring high definition finish on the skin. Tapered Highlight Brush 522 - That elusive "perfect lit from within glow" can now be achieved with this redesigned multi-purpose brush. It has a soft, tapered brush head that ensures effortless application of liquid or powder highlighters on the highest planes of the cheeks, inner corners of the eyes, cupid's bow and other areas of the face you wish to illuminate. Alternatively, you can also use this brush to set your concealer under the eyes and to contour your cheeks, forehead and nose. Duo Fibre Stippling Brush 508 - Achieve the soft and flawless finish that expensive airbrush machines and kits usually provide with the help of this brush. Its duo fiber bristles hold the right amount of pigment at its base and distributes cream or liquid complexion products where you need them. The feathery bristles on top provide smooth and almost poreless finish. Shader Brush 213 - Sweep eye shadow onto your lids with ease and precision with this slightly flat and tapered brush. It has a firm oval-shaped tip and flat side offers controlled application of loose and pressed eye shadow pigments in patting motion. Liner Brush 219 - For precise application of wet or dry eyeliner, look no further! The pointed tip of this brush carefully reaches both the inner and outer lash lines. It has a narrow tip that will help you create thin or thick precise lines. Pencil Brush 217 - The soft bristles of this brush is gathered into a pencil-like tip. It is designed to smoke out or smudge eyeliner on the upper and lower lash lines. It can also be used to draw custom lines along the crease when creating dramatic eye looks. Blending Brush 205 - Soften the harsh edges of eye shadows with this brush. It has an ultra-plush tip that gently blends eye shadows in "windshield wiping" motion along the crease area to help you achieve soft, gradianted effect. Concealer Brush 211 - This brush is designed to blend your favorite concealer to an undetectable finish. It has flat bristles that are angled to a soft tapered tip for spot on camouflaging action. It is also perfect for applying eye shadow creams. Brow and Lash Brush 201 - Here's a fool-proof tool to help you create the the perfect full brows and lush lashes. This spooley brush puts your brow hair in place and removes unnecessary clumps post-mascara application. Tapered Blending Brush 231 - If you have hooded eyes or mono lids, this is the perfect brush to help you create a variety of eye makeup looks. Its soft, slanted tip delicately blends transition color along the crease area for natural-looking depth. Flat Definer Brush 221 - The firm, flat and short tip of this brush is perfect for stifling and tightlining upper and lower lashline using gel eyeliner. The sharp, firm edges also works in creating sharp edges along the natural lip line for even, lipstick application. Small Angle Brush 215 - The thin and wispy angled tip of this brush ensures precise cat eye effect. The firm edge is designed to fill and define the brows according to the structure that you desire. FullSizeRender 3 (1)

Key Features:

* Handcrafted using the finest quality of synthetic fibers available. * Synthetic bristles are firmly seated in their aluminum ferrules to prevent shedding * The brushes are coated with a revolutionary antibacterial solution for minimal brush cleansing and to keep the brushes fresh and clean for longer periods of time. * Packaged in a glamorous cup holder. * 100% Vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free

PRO Tip:

Pick a small amount of product as much as possible to start sheer – you can always get more product for heavier coverage or color payoff depending on your preference.

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We've gathered some of the most comprehensive reviews on YouTube for our Dreamcatcher collection which you will also find very helpful. In this video, Vianna (@Viidreamcatcher) tells us how the Dreamcatcher Collection compares to other brands and which items are making rounds in her beauty routine the most. Adriana (@makeupbydianis) discusses the unique functionality of each brush and details how she use each one of them. Now, here's what the IPSY community has to say about the free Dreamcatcher Tapered Highlighter Brush 222 in their April 2016 Glam Bags: “Great brush! Vegan & synthetic – and perfect for doing my contouring with!” - Brandy IMG_8921 “The light periwinkle handle makes this super easy to find in my brush collection. This brush in particular is an extremely versatile highlighting brush used with wet or dry highlighters. From baking to contours, setting the t zone area and under eye this brush can do it all.” - Tyla 187288637 Super soft and fluffy brush! It'll be great for highlighingt/contouring/blending!” - Amanda april-ipsy02 Shop today if you are eyeing our set! Now you know what to expect from this set. The Luxie team truly recommends this set! Thank you for reading our blog post! If you haven't yet, go head and subscribe and follow us on our social media channels @luxiebeauty and share this blog post! Thank you Luxie Beauties!

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