Luxie News: Fall Preview

Just like “back to school” season reminds us of new school supplies, new classes and new memories to create with our best friends, “fall” reminds us of all the new changes and events yet to come! Here’s a preview of what’s coming to Luxie in the fall:

Ka-Ka-buki Time!

Our best-selling Luxie Kabuki 5 piece makeup brush set is coming back! Featuring a collection of five hand-curated pink makeup brushes, these kabuki brushes are to die for. If you missed it last time, here’s your chance!

Luxie Beauty Muse

Up-and-coming makeup talent will now be featured in a monthly spotlight! This month’s spotlight is on English beauty @jessicarose_makeup, who was inspired by our Blue Me Away palette. Be sure to check out our Shop The Look collection to steal these beauty gurus’ makeup tips and tricks!

Brush Set Me, Baby

Let’s be honest. Brush sets make our lives easier by practically giving us the brushes necessary to complete a makeup look. Plus, they’re always a better value than buying makeup brushes individually. That’s why Luxie is releasing four - YES, FOUR - new brush sets! You’ll already seen the "Essentials: Eye" makeup brush set...what will the other three be?

New Season, New Color

Because we absolutely adore the lovely pink handles and elegant rose gold ferrules on our makeup brushes, Luxie is releasing a brand new collection! Stay tuned for a sleeker and edgier color - it’ll be a date you won’t wanna miss.

GinsMakeup, Can You Keep a Secret?

Word on the street is this gorgeous Canadian Youtuber has been working with Luxie on a *secret* special project! Curiosity killed the cat, but us makeup enthusiasts just can’t wait to get our claws all over this.



Stay tuned for these new releases, ladies!

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