How to: Baking Technique

Let’s take a break from the kitchen oven and head to the makeup vanity. Here, we’ll apply the so-called “baking” technique that sets and blends concealer like a slice of pie. Originally used by drag queens who performed under hot stage lights, “baking” had a recent Instagram appearance à la Kim Kardashian and her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. Now, famous beauty gurus and makeup enthusiasts are stocking up these makeup tips and tricks. Read below to achieve poreless under eyes:
  1. Say yes to skin care: As the skin under the eyes are the most sensitive, use a hydrating eye cream to prevent your skin from drying out.
  1. Hello, concealer: Gently pat on your best concealer in the shape of an upside down triangle. Cream concealers work best with the “baking” technique.
  1. Blend me away: Use a moistbeautyblender to blend out your concealer using an upward motion. Make sure fine lines are gone, or else “baking” will make them more prominent.
Beautyblender Original
  1. Pack on the goods: With a slightly damp makeup sponge, pack on a thick layer of translucent powder.
  1. Time to Bake! Let the powder “cook” on your face for 10-30 minutes. This is the perfect time to apply your eye makeup or make your brows on fleek, as the excess powder will pick up any fallout.
  1. Bye bye, dust: Now, dust off the powder using your favorite Luxie fluffy brush
Luxie Rose Gold Tapered Highlighting
Brush 522
Voila, a perfectly “baked” face! Your under eye area should have high coverage with a seamless blend. Not only to extend wear time, “baking” eliminates concealer creasing and the possibility of an oily skin breakthrough. Perfect for an active day running around or a night of dancing out on the town, use this makeup trick like your very own secret ingredient!

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