JEN_NY69 Makeup Seminar Recap

On July 25, 2015, @jen_ny69 stepped out of the hot pink door of Pinky Rose Makeup & Studio in a silk blush dress and strappy nude stilettos. Forty makeup enthusiasts lined up outside Clubhouse 24 with their trunks and mirrors for a hands-on makeup demonstration. “Like a YouTube video IRL,” says Jenny. Black goodie bags featuring Hot Cheetos and our favorite 504 large angled face brush were lined across the tables for the students. @jen_ny69 and @ann_ette69 at Clubhouse 24 Special guest @cammjay introduced makeup enthusiast Jenny, followed by a Q&A session by the rising Latina beauty. She shared industry tips, including how to get big on social media, how to become a freelance makeup artist, and how to build your makeup inventory. "You always have to remind yourself makeup is an accessory. Confidence comes from within." Throughout the seminar, CammJay and the ladies of Pinky Rose raffled off makeup giveaways, such as the z palette and even a Luxie 12-pc brush set to a lucky winner! During the break, Jenny’s mother cooked delicious tortillas while DJ @garcro3 set the mood. The girls twerked to win prizes and picked up goodies from the taco-shaped pinata filled with makeup. The gorgeous beauty model was Jenny’s very own sister, @ann_ette69! Here is the completed makeup look: The completed glam makeup look For those of you who were dying to go but couldn’t make it, read along to recreate the look: To get your brows on fleek, Jenny recommends this three-step process:
  1. Conceal using your 221 flat definer brush to define your shape
  2. Fill in with brow powder
  3. Draw in sparse areas with creme de la Brow to create clean, crisp lines
For the stunning smokey eye:
  1. Apply Luxie Matte Eyeshadow No. 127 to the upper crease with your 205 tapered blending brush
  2. Sweep Luxie Frost Eyeshadow Pan No. 56 underneath the brow bones and in the inner tear duct
  3. Pat Luxie Frost Eyeshadow Pan No. 211 on the lids with your 213 eye shading brush
According to the Instagram-famous makeup guru, winged liner is one of the toughest parts. Take “baby steps” with your 215 angled brush:
  1. Pull the eye back and draw parts of it on each side before filling it in
    1. Use alcohol to clean the brush in between swipes
  2. Use concealer to define the wing
  3. Line your waterline with a pencil eyeliner and smudge it out with Luxie Matte Eyeshadow Pan No. 108
To achieve the full glam look, our false eyelashes are a must! Jenny shares her secrets:
  1. Pull out the lash from the outer corner to prevent breakage
  2. Wait for the glue to get tacky, then squirt it on the back of your hand
  3. Dip the lashes into your hand
  4. Using tweezers, grab from the center/base
  5. Drop the lash in the center of the eye, then adjust the edges
Finally, create a flawless finish:
  1. Press and blend foundation with a beauty blender
  2. Draw an upside down triangle under the eyes to conceal dark circles
  3. To contour, draw a line with your bronzer and blend using your 534 top buffer face brush
  4. Sweep blush onto the cheeks with your 540 fan brush
  5. Apply a coat of brown mascara
Each of the participants received a certificate of 3 hours of accreditation for “Jenny’s Makeup School of Glam” (launching soon!). A meet & greet on the streets of downtown Sacramento ended the fun, exciting event. Red carpet meet & greet outside Pinky Rose Makeup & Studio Luxie had a great time sponsoring the seminar and meeting all of the participants. We hope to see more of you in the future!

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