How To: Clean Your Brushes

When you’re wiping makeup brushes along your face day in and day out, you’d have to wonder if it’s sanitary. I mean sure, Luxie’s synthetic bristles aren’t porous like animal hairs so they absorb less makeup. But what about all the bacteria, skin oils, dirt and just general gunk that get collected into your brushes like your Starbucks rewards? They accumulate, that’s for sure. Now in the world of beauty, the gold card is reserved for those who care for their skin. Read on to discover Michelle Phan’s DIY recipe for cleaning your brushes at home, no coffee or tea required.

DIY Recipe for Cleaning Your Brushes

  • Dawn dish soap (to disinfect...and make your existing household items multi-functional!)
  • Extra virgin olive oil (to condition...make sure it’s extra virgin to not clog your pores!)
  • Plate
  • A hanger and clips (if you don’t have brush guards)
  1. Mix 2 parts Dawn with 1.5 parts olive oil onto the plate
  2. Pick up the mixture with your makeup brush using swirling motions
  3. Lather the brush into the palm of your hand - swirl, massage, wipe until all of the pigments are out!
  4. Lay flat on a paper towel or cloth
  5. Place your hand under running lukewarm water and swirl your brush into your palm under the water runs clear. Pro tip: avoid placing the brush directly under the water to maintain the quality of the ferrule!
  6. Pat the brushes dry with a paper towel or cloth
  7. Clip the brushes onto the hanger so the bristles are facing downward. Pro tip: lightly reshape the bristles with your fingers to keep their shape
  8. Hang to dry
How often should we do this, you ask?
  • Foundation and eyeliner brushes: after every use (liquids and makeup products near the eye are more susceptible to bacteria and gunk!)
  • Powder brushes: at least once a week
  • Eyeshadow and lip brushes: before each new color (unless you like that look, of course)
While you may not be getting a free drink every 12 cleansings, you’ll reward yourself with clearer skin, unclogged pores, streak-free makeup application, longer-lasting brushes. That’s almost better than an iced coffee.

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