Fall 2015 Must-Have Eye Looks

With the return of Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and Oprah Cinnamon Chai’s, we finally give a big *hooray* for the arrival of fall. Time to bring out those fall eyeshadow palettes and bold lipstick shades! Here are the fall eye makeup looks the #luxiegirls are wearing this season:

1. Winged liner:

@dlishhhhh @dlishhhhh uses Luxie brushes for this eye look If there’s one thing to perfect this fall, it’s a winged liner look. Use our #215 angled eyeliner brush to apply your favorite gel liner onto the lid. For the flicked ends, gently pull your eyelid back, draw a triangle from the corner of your eyes to the end of your brows, and then fill in. Take your time - our MUA’s suggest using small strokes if you’re a beginner! Luxie Rose Gold Small Angle Eye Brush 215 Luxie Rose Gold Small Angled Eye Brush 215

2. Fall smokey eye:

Fall inspired eye look by @vegas_nay Fall inspired eye makeup look by @vegas_nay If autumn leaves don’t convince you that fall is a beautiful season, have your eye makeup look do the talking! For an on-the-go recreation, use our Luxie Matte Eyeshadow Pan No. 97 all over the lid, deepen the color with Luxie Shadow Pan No. 109 and highlight with the Luxie Frost Eyeshadow Pan No. 111. You’ll look amazing in no time. Luxie Matte Eyeshadow Pan No. 97 Luxie Matte Eyeshadow Pan No. 97 Luxie Frost Eyeshadow Pan No. 111 Luxie Frost Eyeshadow Pan No. 111

3. Bold lashes:

Bold and beautiful lashes on @alvajay Bold and beautiful lashes on @alvajay Fall is also a great time to open the eyes with a pair of false lashes. Line the base with a thin layer of your favorite eyelash glue and gently bend the base of the lashes for about 1 minute to prep the lashes. Then look downwards and using a pair of tweezers, place the lashes in the center of the lid first and adjust the ends. With a pair of Doll Face or Stunning lashes, your fall eye makeup look is complete! Luxie Doll Face Eye Lashes Luxie Berry Wendy "Doll Face" False Eye Lashes Stunning Lashes Luxie Berry Wendy "Stunning" False Eye Lashes

Take a selfie of your favorite fall makeup look and tag #luxiebeauty to be featured on the @luxiebeauty page!

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