Complete Sponge Set Tutorial

Sponge Use & Care

Before use: Wet sponge thoroughly under water while squeezing it to make sure it’s fully saturated. Turn off water and squeeze out excess water so the sponge is uniformly damp. The sponge will expand almost double in size and soften, allowing it to soak up less liquid/cream makeup so less product is wasted and evenly blends.

Usage: Liquid or cream products like foundation, bronzer, blush, etc can be applied many ways with the sponge. You can apply the products directly to the face and blend out with the sponge, squeeze out a small amount of product on the back of your hand or on a palette and dab the sponge in to pick up product, or apply the product directly to the sponge and dab around the face.

To apply loose powder with the powder sponge, dip the sponge into your favorite powder and tap off excess, then dab on the face where you want to set makeup. This sponge can also be used dry with loose powder if preferred.

After use: Leave sponge in a cool, dry, open area to fully dry out. After use, clean sponge with cool water and your favorite brush shampoo, making sure to fully saturate the sponge with shampoo and squeeze out all traces of makeup.

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