Luxie Pautips Por La Noche Brush Set

$8.00 $40.00


Luxie Pautips Por La Noche Brush Set: Blend, shade, and define your look to perfection with our travel face and eye brushes, which include a festive zip pouch to store them in. This set covers all the essential brushes that you need when you are on the go.

Brush set includes:
LUXIE 514 Blush Face Brush. Use this soft, mid-sized brush to apply powder products to your cheeks for a bright, rosy complexion.

LUXIE 211 Concealer Brush. It is the perfect brush for applying concealer under the eyes and over blemishes across the face.

LUXIE 207 Medium Angled Brush. The angled head is perfect for sweeping highlight over the brow bone, defining your crease, or blending out the outer corners of your eyeshadow. 

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