Luxie Stardust Set


Sparkle and shine with our new Luxie Stardust Set! Complete with a collection of bestselling LUXIE Beauty brushes, it includes foundation, blush/highlight, contour, shader, angled, and blending brushes. Be the spark in your life with these cruelty free, synthetic, soft, brushes.  Show them all off with the stunning brush holder that is included for our traveling beauties!

532 Round Top Blender: Fluffy and dense round top brush can be used to buff and blend liquid foundations and creams into the skin. 

221 Flat definer: Thin and flat definer brush can be used to create precise lines and smudge out any eye makeup products. 

522 Tapered Highlighter: Tapered and fluffy brush can be used to apply sparkle and shine onto the high points of the face. 

213 Eye shader: Small and dense eye shader brush can be used to apply pigments and shadows to the eyes and smudge out any imperfections. 

680 Pro Precision Face: Dense and large pro precision face brush can be used to apply contour and blend out harsh lines and spots. 

229 Tapered blending:  Small and fluffy tapered blending brush can be used to blend out any creases and pigments on the eyes.

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