Luxie Brow Set


Your brows have never had so much love. Sculpt, fill, and style your best brows yet with the Luxie Brow Set.

Luxie 318 Wax and Powder: Duo ended wax and powder brush can be used to apply waxes, gels, powders, and cream brow products to create fuller brows.

Luxie 312 Wire Brush: Wire brush can be used to comb through and shape brow hairs.

Luxie 314 Spoolie: Duo ended spooly brush can be used to blend out brow products on one side and shape the brows using the other end.

Luxie 316 Brow Sculpting: Flat sculpting concealer brush can be used to apply concealer below and above the brows to shape and define. 

Luxie 310 Dual Fine Angled: Duo ended angled brush can be used to create hair strokes thick and thin with any brow product.

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