Your Happiness is Our Priority. That’s why we have a manufacturer warranty- to ensure that the products you receive will have the longest lifespan possible. Luxie brushes for life, after all.

Here’s some warranty basics:

Warranty Length: Warranty provides replacement items due to manufacturer defects up to 1 year from the received date.

Luxie Brand: Warranty will only cover Luxie Brushes and Brush Sets purchased from or in Luxie store location.

Brush Exchanges: Brushes with manufacturer defects are only applicable for exchanges, not refunds. See below for examples of manufacturer defects.

Exchange Limit: There is a limit on 1 exchange of an damaged brush per transaction. You may only exchange a damaged brush for a new brush of the same model. For example, if you want to exchange a Dreamcatcher Tapered Highlighting Brush 522, you will receive a Dreamcatcher Tapered Highlighting Brush 522 in exchange. If a replacement product is unavailable, we will provide a similar product or give to option to wait for the next restock.

Exchange Restriction: Original defective brushes cannot be resubmitted for exchanges. 
Just what does our warranty cover? 
It covers manufacturing defects, as mentioned above. Manufacturing defects can be but are not limited to:

Brush hair shedding: We don’t want you to have brush hairs in your makeup!

A loose ferrule: Is the metal band that joins the brush head with the handle

Glue hint on brush hair: Since our brushes are handcrafted, there is a possibility that some glue might get on the brush bristles.

What is excluded from the warranty?

  • Misuse or abused brushes: or wear and tear from abnormal use of brushes
  • Lost or stolen products
  • Inappropriate care of brushes: see our recommended brush washing routine below!
  • Excess product buildup within brushes: as mentioned, see below for some tips.
  • Products not purchased directly from or in Luxie store location

Please contact Luxie Customer Service at for any manufacturer defects 
or further questions. 
Section about Brush Care 
Make up brushes are an investment and essential to everyone’s makeup “tool kit”. Just like any other tool, you want to make sure that it is in tip top shape to work. 
Here are a few tips and tricks to avoid brush damage and maximize your purchase of your beauty tools with us.


1. WATER - Run brush hairs under warm water & gently each out any excess makeup. Be careful & wash only the brush hairs and not the ferrule. The water maybe contact the glue inside which will loosen the ferrule from the handle.

2. WASH- Use a very gentle & mild cleaner to wash the brush hairs. We recommend Beauty Blender Solid soap however if you are on a budget, a cheaper alternative is Johnson’s baby shampoo.

3. APPLY - Apply a very small teaspoon sized amount into the palm of your hand & swirl the brush bristles into the soap until you have created a rich lather.

4. DRY - Use a cloth to wipe & dry your brush clean, making sure to reshape the bristles as you go.

5.For the best drying method, hang your brushes upside down so that the water does not run down the handle into the glue inside the ferrule. You could also dry them on the side, as the picture demonstrates.