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Luxie Rose Gold Synthetic 5 Piece Kabuki Brush Set

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    The Luxie Rose Gold Synthetic Kabuki Brush Set is a 100% Animal Cruelty Free brush set with high quality synthetic hair bristles that are soft to the touch. With its Vegan makeup qualities from bristles to ferrule this Rose Gold brush set is a must have in your makeup collection. Your brush remains fresh and clean for longer periods of time. The density of the brushes allows for an even application without any wasted product and does not absorb the product into the bristles. 


    -100% Vegan

    -Synthetic Bristles

    -Perfect for your favorite cream, liquid, and powder products. 


    Luxie Rose Gold Flat Top Kabuki Makeup Brush 530

    Luxie Rose Gold Round Top Blender Makeup Brush 532

    Luxie Rose Gold Angled Top Buffer Makep Brush 534

    Luxie Rose Gold Pointed Top Kabuki Makeup Brush 536

    Luxie Rose Gold Flat Angled Blender Makeup Brush 538

  • How to use

    What It Is For: For everyday makeup application for face contouring or blend.

    How To Use: With each brush blend, highlight and contour for a defining look and natural application.
    Luxie Feature: Each brush is cut to precision in order to perfectly apply products to the natural contours of the face

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    • Luxie's Kabuki Set
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    Luxie's Kabuki Set

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