Luxie Dreamcatcher Brush Set


Escape the norm & go beyond your wildest imaginations to a place where colors shine brighter and your makeup sparkles like never before. Introducing the Luxie Dreamcatcher 15 Piece Makeup Brush Set in periwinkle - a must-have brush set for anyone aspiring to catch the look of their dreams.

Brush Set Includes:

Periwinkle Cup Holder

Large Powder Brush 502 - Use this fluffy powder brush with your favorite powder (loose/pressed) to quickly and evenly set your face for a seamless, finished look.

Angled Large Brush 504 - Use this angled brush to evenly apply your favorite powder blush, bronzer or contouring products onto your cheekbones for accentuation or into the hollows of your cheeks for a defined face beyond mythical proportions.

Duo Fibre Stippling Brush 508 - Use this brush’s soft, medium density synthetic-bristles to achieve a medium buildable coverage using liquid foundation or building on bronzer and blush.

Foundation Brush 510 - Use this foundation brush with your favorite foundation (cream/liquid) to conjure up a polished streak-free look as you build up the coverage of your wildest desires.

Tapered Face Brush 520 - Use this plush, full-bodied brush with a tapered head to apply your favorite bronzer for an even & controller application around the perimeter of your face, cheeks, and wherever you desire a sun-kissed magical glow.

Tapered Highlight Brush 522 - Use this fluffy, tapered brush to apply your favorite highlighting powders to emphasize the high points of your face for a mesmerizing glow or setting your under eyes.

Brow and Lash Brush 201 - Use this brush’s firm bristles for shaping and grooming brows or lashes. Can also be used to remove excess mascara as well.

Blending Brush 205 - Use this fluffy blending brush with eyeshadow (powder/cream) to blend your creases and the edges of your shadows.

Concealer Brush 211 - Use this thin brush’s rounded tip to apply your favorite concealers (cream/liquid) or color correctors on your dark circles or blemishes.

Eye Shader Brush 213 - Use this brush’s shape and density to apply eyeshadow (cream, powder or liquid) to your eyelids for a variety of eye looks.

Small Angle Brush 215 - Use this brush’s perfect density and firmness with cream or powder products for control when creating the perfect cat eye or even filling in your brows.

Pencil Brush 217 - Use this pencil-like brush’s head with your favorite powder or cream eyeshadow to precisely smudge out the top and bottom lash lines with perfect accuracy.

Eye Liner Brush 219 - Use this flexible, yet firm brush with your favorite eye liner (cream/liquid) to precisely line your eyes for a more refined and regal look.

Flat Definer Brush 221 - Use this versatile eye brush to define and smudge out your lower lash line with your favorite eyeshadow (cream/powder) products.

Tapered Blending Brush 231 - Use this petite brush’s tapered head with your favorite powder or cream eyeshadow to create more depth and definition while blending all harsh lines.

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