Luxie 620 Angled Sculpting Rose Gold


Luxie Rose Gold Angled Sculpting Face Brush 620

Luxie Beauty’s signature Rose Gold brush line features their premium soft, synthetic bristles encased in a classy rose gold ferrule atop a chic pink handle so you don’t have to compromise style for quality.

Need some more definition to your look? Give our Luxie Rose Gold Angled Sculpting Face brush a try! This brush was designed to provide you with extreme definition to the hollow areas of your face. It's curved shape bristles easily follows the natural curves and contours of your face for a precise application, definition, and smooth blend. This brush is ideal for someone who is always looking to perfect their makeup look even more! 

What it is: Precision face brush with a unique curved shape for the ultimate definition and precision to sculpt your face.

Recommended Use: Works particularly well to apply cream or powder contour products 

Other Details
What It Is For: To create a defined and detailed contour to the face. How To Use: Buff product onto the hollow areas of the face, forehead, and jawline until desired blend is achieved. Luxie Feature: Angled shape allows you to reach detailed areas of face.