Luxie 140 Detail Tapered Blender Wonder Woman


Harness the strength of the LUXIE 140’s uncanny ability to powerfully shade eye creases while providing a soft feathered blend.

LUXIE’s ultra plush, imported bristles help products distribute effortlessly and will leave you feeling like you can take on any challenge the day may throw at you. Fight harsh lines around the eye and combat unwanted product buildup with this go-to brush you’ll love having in your makeup utility belt.

Part of the  official LUXIE and Warner Brothers partnership,  the Wonder Woman line is designed for all of our sisters – Amazonian or not – to showcase their beauty in the world of man. Feel powerful, brave and confident while using this specially curated line, exclusive to LUXIE and our #LuxieBabes.

Show off your inner Wonder Woman to the world today!

Use hashtags #LuxieXWonderwoman #empoweringwomen #Empowerher and show us your true wonder!


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