Luxie Expert Artist Kit


The Luxie Expert Artist Kit was created by a community of passionate professionals looking to assemble the ideal kit for any situation. From the stage to the screen, this set has you covered with a wide array of tools designed for advanced looks and technical application. Even the bag itself doubles as a handy belt to keep this kit on as you work. Join our community of Experts and Enthusiasts with this amazing assortment.

502 Large Powder - A must-have to set any face makeup with powder

520 Tapered Face Brush - Bronzer, blush, or other purposes that fit for the makeup look

522 Tapered Highlighting Brush - Ideal for applying powder highlighting products to the tops of your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, above the brow, and Cupid’s bow for a perfect glowing complexion.

504 large Angled Brush - Use this angled brush to apply your favorite powder or cream blush, bronzer, or contour products to your cheeks or the hollows of your face to define and accentuate your best features.

512 Small Contouring Brush Ideal for applying cream or powder contour products to the hollows of your cheeks and face for a perfectly defined look.

530 Flat Top Kabuki Brush Use this brush to buff in cream, powder, and liquid foundations for a sheer to full coverage airbrushed finish.

532 Round Top Kabuki Brush Mostly adding for when people use cream products

Precision Blender Sponge (Brown) - Blending out face makeup for final touches or applying foundation

Detail Blender Sponge (Pink) - Blending out inner corners, small spaces, small details

205 Tapered Blending Brush - Bigger blending brush for the whole eyelid

213 Eye shading Brush - Applying on initial shadows

231 Small Tapered Blending Brush - Use this small brush to create depth and definition in the crease and outer corners while still blending out harsh lines

207 Medium Angled Shader Brush - Use for many functions for the eyes or contouring the nose.

223 Short Shader Brush - Perfect for packing on your favorite eyeshadows and pigments or carving out a cut crease with cream eyeshadow or concealer.

221 Flat Definer Brush - Ideal for smudging out cream or powder products on your upper and lower lashlines.

217 Pencil Eye Brush  - The perfect tool to define your outer corner while smudging out harsh lines for a smoky look.

215 Small Angle Brush This a firm, dense brush that can be used with cream or powder eyeshadow to precisely line your eye or create the perfect wing.

201 Spoolie Brush - Ideal for shaping and grooming brows before makeup application, and to brush out the excess powder, pencil, or pomade. 

219 Eyeliner Brush - This thin, firm but flexible brush drawing perfect eyeliner with gel products

Makeup Belt Bag - This innovation bag is designed to hold all your favorite beauty tools. It is for efficiency, ease, and practicality. Features 24 brush pockets and 2 larger pockets, ensuring all your essentials are ready when you need them. 

On the side, it has a zipped pouch attached by snap buttons and a small zipper pocket. They are great for holding eyeshadow palettes, blender sponges, and more! 

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